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Hello, my name is Wayne Evans, and I’m from the United States. I’ve been involved with fitness for more than ten years! I began my fitness journey at one of our neighborhood gyms because I was really good at sports and, after observing famous athletes, I too desired a lean physique. Every day, I went there and worked out for half an hour.

But after I got my IT job, it got harder for me to keep up with my daily gym routine because I didn’t have enough time to take care of my body and go to the gym every day. Due to a lack of time, I realized that my gym membership was being wasted, so I gradually began working out at home.

With the help of the equipment I purchased, including a treadmill, dumbbells, and other accessories, I converted my garage into a small home gym. I can now work out whenever I’m at home and devote enough time to my body to develop a lean physique.

Since then, I’ve transformed my home gym into an actual gym and become much more interested in fitness and gym gear. And I want to share everything I’ve learned with you with my website, EasyToFitness.

My Mission On EasyToFitness is To Help Learn About Fitness And Stay Healthy.

How I Create Content?

I am in charge of creating and editing all of the content for this website, and I make sure that it is of a standard quality that makes it simple for our readers to find what they are looking for. For content creation, sometimes I do take the help of writers who are also fitness enthusiasts like me, but nothing is published until it satisfies our quality standards and is approved and edited by me. I make sure that every piece of information we publish has been thoroughly reviewed and is in the readers’ best interests.

I do try to get my hands on most of the equipment to get a real-life feel and share my personal experience on this site, however, we also rely on online reviews and customer feedback to carefully present only the best equipment for you.

Overall, I want the information on this website to be accurate so that you can rely on it and use it to make the best fitness equipment purchase decision for you.

What’s In It For You?

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So why should you read EasyToFitness? You should read EasyToFitness if you want to easily decide on the best fitness equipment, by choosing what’s right for you.

The things that you can learn from EasyToFitness are:

  • Buying guides on the best fitness equipment
  • Buying guides for home gym equipment
  • Guides on how to exercise, weight loss, fitness and more
  • Real reviews about popular fitness equipment
  • And a lot more

If you think such content can help you in any way, I look forward to having you read our guides and reviews. You can start by clicking here.

Wayne Evans

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